Dr Luz María Vásquez

  • An expert in rejuvenation with fillers and botulinum toxin
  • A specialist in blepharoplasty and tear duct surgery 
  • An expert in the non-surgical treatment of eye circles and other signs of aging
Registration no. 47779
Luz María Vásquez

Professional career

Ophthalmologist specialising in oculoplastics at the Ocular Microsurgery Institute since 2010, after taking the Master's Course in Ophthalmic and Orbital Plastic Surgery run by IMO and the Faculty of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Her specialty is the medical and surgical treatment of palpebral and orbital pathologies and malpositions: surgery for orbital tumours, orbital reconstruction in thyroidal orbitopathy, facial aesthetics (eyelids, eyebrows and periocular region).

She is also an expert in reconstruction due to tear duct problems.

She took a Fellowship in Ocular Oncology at the University of Toronto, at Princess Margaret Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children and St Michael’s Hospital (Canada, 2006 – 2008).

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