Dr Luz María Vásquez

  • An expert in rejuvenation with fillers and botulinum toxin
  • A specialist in blepharoplasty and tear duct surgery 
  • An expert in the non-surgical treatment of eye circles and other signs of aging
Registration no. 47779
Dr Luz M. Vásquez
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Professional career

Dr. Luz M. Vasquez is an ophthalmologist at the IMO. She took a fellowship in Ocular Oncology in Canada, at the University of Toronto, the Princess Margaret Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children and St. Michael's Hospital (from 2006 to 2008). 

In 2010, she specialized in Ophthalmic and Orbit Plastic Surgery, through the master and postgraduate degrees program offered by the IMO, together with the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She is currently a lecturer of this same master's degree and a practitioner at the Institute. 

She is also the General Secretary of the Spanish Society of Plastic Ocular and Orbital Surgery (SECPOO) and has been speaker and trainner of numerous courses, congresses and national and international meetings in this speciality. 

She also takes part of the Organising Committee of the biennial meeting Barcelona Oculoplastics, along with the other members of the Departments of Oculoplastic Surgery and Aesthetics and Oculofacial Rejuvenation of the IMO. This event is currently an international reference on both specialities.  

As far as oculoplastic surgery is concerned, she specialises in techniques aimed at correcting diseases or issues of the eyelids (such as malpositions, ptosis surgery, transconjunctival midface lift or blepharoplasty), the lacrimal ducts (such as dacryocystorhinostomy) and the orbit (such as orbital tumours or orbital reconstruction in thyroid orbitopathy), among others. 

She also stands out in the application of minimally invasive techniques of Aesthetics and Oculofacial Rejuvenation, being one of the first certified specialists in Spain in the use of non-surgical Ultherapy lyfting. In addition, she has extensive experience in fillers, with hyaluronic acid,  or botulinum toxin, to correct signs of aging, such as wrinkles. He also performs other aesthetic treatments such as skinboosters, collagen therapy, resurfacing or collagen inducers, among others. 

Find out here about all the treatments carried out by the IMO Oculoplastic Surgery Department and here those carried out by the Aesthetic and Oculofacial Rejuvenation Department.

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