Retinal vein occlusions

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This is the
cause of retinal vessel pathologies
Retinal vein occlusions

What is it?

It is partial or full retinal vein occlusion. There are the following two types:

  • Central vein occlusion (the central vein of the retina is obstructed)
  • Branch vein occlusion. This consists of an obstruction caused by a blockage in the areas where the arteries and veins cross

Diagnosis examinations

  • Examination of the fundus of the eye
  • Fluorescein angiography (FA)
  • Retinography
  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)


  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Control of the cholesterol levels of the blood
  • Quit smoking
  • Central vein occlusion: This causes a loss or decrease in sight that can even become very serious
  • Branch retinal vein occlusion. In many cases, depending on the area of the retina where it is located, it does not affect the patient’s entire sight. For example, people whose macular area (central area of the retina) is affected lose their central vision

Generally, it can be treated with intravitreal injections of angiogenesis inhibitors or steroids and laser photocoagulation in the retina, in cases when this is necessary.

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