Scleral buckling

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High success rate and fewer complications, when compared to standard techniques
Scleral buckling

What does it involve?

Scleral buckling is a surgery that involves fitting silicone elements over the sclera. These elements are sutured to the wall of the sclera, where retinal tears usually occur.
It is also necessary to combine the fitting of silicone elements with cryocoagulation or laser coagulation to repair the retinal tears.

When is it carried out?

It is performed in retinal detachment cases occurring for the first time, enabling repair without the need to work within the eye.

Prior examination

A comprehensive eye examination is required, including a thorough examination of the detached area to identify all of the tears. The examination is performed with a binocular indirect ophthalmoscope and a three-mirror lens through a slit lamp.


The ocular muscles have to be dissected and held by threads, and the eye moved to suture the silicone piece. It is usually performed with retrobulbar anaesthesia and sedation, i.e. local anaesthesia and patient sedation.

Before the surgery

Those associated with all surgery.


The main risk is that the retinal detachment will not be corrected by this technique, if all of the tears have not been correctly identified. It can also cause bleeding and inflammation, but these complications occur in exceptional cases.

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