The IMO will hold a major session next autumn

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IMO will host the "Ven y verás" (Come and see) meeting, organised every year by Abre Sus Ojos a non-profit organisation that seeks to improve visual quality

One of the main activities that it undertakes to achieve this goal is an annual meeting called "Ven y verás", at which people can do examinations free of charge, and glasses are prescribed and provided to people with special needs. This year, the session will be held for the first time at IMO, where it is envisaged that some 700 people will attend from special education centres, tutored houses, vocational centres, foundations and associations that are working in the different disability fields, with a scope of action in the areas surrounding Barcelona.

Sight and hearing tests will be performed during the session aimed at evaluating visual abilities, detecting refractive problems, along with optical treatment and compensation, in the cases in which it is deemed necessary. In addition, those attending will be provided with an overall report setting out the assessment of the result of the examinations and recommending whether it is necessary to do a check with the relevant specialist. For this reason, the session will have 100 sight and hearing measurement specialists attending, all volunteers from Abre sus Ojos, who will do their work altruistically.

Between 2004 and 2009, Abre sus ojos did around 3,000 sight checks and provided over 1,300 pairs of glasses.

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