The IMO specialists play a key role in the 88th Conference of the Spanish Ophthalmology Society (SEO)

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The Spanish Ophthalmology Society's annual conference, which brought together 1.500 specialists from around Spain in Barcelona last September, included the participation of a large part of the IMO medical team.

Through speeches, courses, communications, videos, clinical cases, satellite meetings and symposiums, IMO specialists and colleagues shared their knowledge and experience, values which have established them as prestigious leaders in the ophthalmology profession.

Dr. Josep Visa



Dr. Josep Visa, a specialist in paediatric ophthalmology, strabismus and neuro-ophthalmology at IMO and president of the Spanish Strabology Society (SEE), participated in the opening of the conference with an official presentation on strabismus.

Dr. Ana Wert



During the presentation, Dr. Ana Wert, a specialist in paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus at IMO, also spoke. The ophthalmologist spoke about thyroid strabismus and the importance of its surgical treatment.

Dr. Daniel Elies



Dr. Daniel Elies, cornea and refractive surgery specialist at IMO, led a course on the indications, handling and results of new ICLs (intraocular lenses) as well as the X TOPCON Symposium on anterior segment, during which the evolution and future of cataract surgery was discussed, with particular focus on the femtosecond laser, one of the new techniques attracting the most attention at the conference.

Dr. José Luís Güell



In addition, together with Dr. José L. Güell, another cornea and refractive surgery specialist at the Institute, he co-led a course on the use of this laser in anterior segment surgery. Both doctors gave the course entitled “Smile: the revolution in refractive surgery” and took part in a special session on cataract and refractive surgery, which was moderated by Dr Güell, who also took part in a symposium-debate on the most recent advances in lens surgery.

Dr. Carlos Mateo



Dr. Carlos Mateo,  a retina specialist at IMO, took part in a vitreous-retina session and presented a clinical case of a microincisional vitrectomy in a 6-year old girl. Together with Dr. Elena Arrondo,  a glaucoma specialist at the Institute, Mateo chaired a discussion of knowledge and experiences among the retina and glaucoma specialists to improve the quality of care in this type of patient in which both pathologies occur.

Dr. Elena Arrondo



n another session on the retina, IMO specialist spoke about treating the macular surgical pathology of magno miopia, while Dr Arrondo also took part in a session on refractive surgery and glaucoma.

Dr. Borja Corcóstegui



Dr. Corcóstegui, a retina specialist and medical director at IMO, also played a key role in the conference, presiding over a round table during which videos were shown of complicated surgical procedures for different vitreo-retinal pathologies and attendees were invited to comment on the alternatives. He also directed the 7th TOPCON Symposium of the retina on advances in diagnosis and treatment during which he was also involved in the presentation "Combined anterior segment and vitrectomy surgery" together with IMO retinologist, Dr José García-Arumí, who spoke about "Viscodissection in tractional diabetic detachment".

Dr. José García-Arumí



Dr. García-Arumí  also led a course on "macular complications of vitro-retinal surgery", was a speaker at the "Clinical surgical vitro-retinal cases" symposium and moderated the symposium entitled "Retina Detachment:  Myths and Realities" in which a group of experts participated, among them Dr Corcóstegui, who spoke about scleral surgery in retina detachment, Dr Carlos Mateo, who discussed retina detachment due to a macular hole, and García-Arumí himself, who focused on traumatic retina detachment. He also took part in the "Retina controversies" symposium providing long-term data on patients with macular oedema treated with renibizumab and, in another session on the retina, in which he presented the latest advances in the surgical treatment of proliferative diabetic retinopathy.

Dr. Óscar Gris



Dr. Óscar Gris, a cornea specialist at IMO, took part in the "Social and economic impact of dry eye syndrome" symposium and in a special session on ocular surface and the cornea, during which he presented advances in high-risk keratoplasties.

Dr. Ramón Medel



As an oculoplastics expert, Dr. Ramón Medel,  presided over a round table attended by the prestigious Professor Richard Collin on "congenital eyelid anomalies”.

Dr. Charlotte Wolley Dod



Lastly, the 11th National Paediatric Ophthalmology Conference, which was held as a satellite meeting of the Spanish Ophthalmology Society's conference, was attended by  Dr. Charlotte Wolley Dod, paediatric ophthalmology specialist at IMO, who took part in a round table on refraction errors in children.

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