Dr Vásquez: "During my master’s degree I looked into being able to continue my career at the IMO... and that has been the case"

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Dr Vásquez joins the IMO medical team. Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Pontificia Bolivariana University Faculty of Medicine in 2005 and specialises in oculoplasty

Those who believe that nothing happens by chance will have their theory boosted by the circumstances that led Dr. Luma Vásquez to initially contact IMO. This Colombian ophthalmologist wanted to come and live in Barcelona and looked to specialise in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, an area in which it is difficult to find training.
"Nobody gave classes on it," explains Dr. Vásquez. However, an Internet search gave her the perfect combination: the Ocular Microsurgery Institute of Barcelona was offering a Master’s degree in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery. Her two objectives merged into one. The doctor did not let this opportunity slip and took the 2009-2010 master's degree.
During the course she became fascinated by IMO and with everything she was learning at the centre and decided to look into continuing her career here. The master’s ended in October 2010, but Dr. Vásquez was in no great hurry to return home. "There’s always hope." In December she was asked to join the Institute, where she has been working since June 2011.
"I had other job opportunities, but I thought that IMO was the best offer. I’m happy, because the Institute gives me everything, professionally speaking: colleagues, patients, facilities..." Furthermore, the doctor loves living in Barcelona, "the only city in which I considered living apart from Medellin." Dr. Vásquez has also lived in Bogota and Toronto (Canada), where she worked for two years on completing her studies and her residency at the SES University in Medellin. In Toronto she specialised in the treatment of intraocular tumours at the Princess Margaret Hospital and at the Hospital for Sick Children.
Luz María Vásquez is to continue focusing on tumours in IMO Plastic and Ophthalmic Surgery Department. "I’m most interested in oncology, a relatively unexplored area in terms of ophthalmology. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that it exists and, when you diagnose an intraocular tumour, the surprise among patients and relatives is huge: cancer in the eye?" At IMO, the doctor will work to fight this uncommon, yet potentially very serious disease.

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