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IMO holds, since February 2017, the Gold Seal of JointCommission International® (JCI) for the Ambulatory Care Accreditation. The Gold Seal of Approval® is a recognized sign of excellence in healthcare all over the world as it endorses the requirements of the highest standards when it comes to the quality of patients’ care and security.

The achieved standards were proved in a very strict process of evaluation in situ in October 2016 and February 2017. Standards must be re-accredited every 3 years to guarantee continuous improvement and a sustained commitment of areas that range from staff training to demonstrating leading practices in the outpatient sector among other aspects.

About JCI

About 900 health entities have been worldwide certified by JointCommission International, the main organization of improving and accrediting healthcare quality. The JCI was founded on 1997 as an international division of JointCommission –with more than 50 years of trajectory in the United States–, and nowadays is assisting medical centers, agencies and public health ministries and many other organisms in more than 100 countries, promoting a patient-centered approach through accreditation, assessment, publications and education programs.

IMO and JCI provide the possibility to contact this entity for any further care’s quality and security related question.

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Quality and Safety Monitoring

JointComission International Accreditation

1515 West 22nd Street, Suite 1300W

OakBrook, Illinois 60523 US

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