Ultherapy: non-surgical lifting using ultrasound

Ultherapy lifting no quirúrgico
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effects: firms the skin and stimulates collagen production
Treatment carried out
in the consulting room
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What does it involve?

It is a system that uses focused ultrasound to achieve a double effect: it causes an instant cutaneous contraction that naturally tightens the skin and, at the same time, it stimulates collagen production in the deepest layers to renew and tone the skin from the inside, without affecting the surface. Thus, it reduces sagging on the face, neck and neckline without surgery and produces non-aggressive results.

When is it carried out?

It is recommended for patients with mild to moderate skin sagging. It is particularly suitable for people who want to lift their eyebrows and reduce excess skin on their lower eyelids (bags). It also lifts and contracts the skin under the chin to get rid of double chins, and conceals wrinkles on the neck and neckline.

Ultherapy does not replace surgical facelifts; it is an alternative for those who want to minimise facial ageing in a non-invasive way, correct the first signs of ageing without changing their appearance drastically and prolong the effects of cosmetic surgery.

Prior examinations

  • A personalised examination and assessment of the patient.
  • Photographs to assess the patient's condition before and after the treatment.

During the treatment

  • This treatment is performed in the doctor’s surgery. It is painless and minimally invasive for the patient. Although it may cause slight discomfort, it does not require an anaesthetic.
  • Once the skin has been cleansed and the areas to be treated identified, the oculofacial plastic surgery specialist applies an ultrasound gel and gently places the handpiece on the skin.
  • Focused ultrasounds bypass the surface of the skin and target the programmed depth (up to 4.5 mm), where the heat of the energy (65ºC), which is released with high precision, triggers the natural production of collagen.
  • Just one session is generally required. This lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the area to be treated.

After the treatment

  • The skin may be slightly red straight after treatment, but this will disappear within a few hours. Sometimes the patient may notice slight inflammation or a tingling feeling in the days following the session. On rare occasions, slight bruising or a lack of sensitivity may occur. However, these symptoms are all mild and temporary.
  • The patient can resume his or her normal routine immediately. This minimally invasion treatment does not require sick leave or special precautions.
  • Although a feeling of firmness may be noticed at the end of the session, the actual results will not appear until two or three months after the treatment, when the skin reaches its definitive level of firmness. This is due to the regeneration of collagen, whose benefits can last a year or more, depending on each patient's ageing process and skincare routine. After that, the patient may repeat the ultherapy session or undergo a touch-up procedure if he or she wishes

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