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ophthalmological video consultation
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In IMO, we provide our patients with the extensive experience in eye health of our team of ophthalmologists, through the Telemedicine Department.

Probably, one of the main aspects of this type of consultation is its comfort. The fact of being online, offers the patient the possibility to receive advice, from the specialist in ophthalmology, as well as accompaniment and diagnosis, through a video consultation.

Another advantage of teleconsultation is that our team of ophthalmologists will be able to determine whether the eye disease can be treated at home or whether it requires to travel to IMO for testing or treatment.

How to request an online consultation

Request an appointment in two steps:

  1. Fill in this form
  2. Make the payment by credit card

We will contact you for booking appointment at your earliest convenience, as soon as the payment is confirmed by our accounting department.

Furthermore, once we contact you, our team will give you all the necessary information and documentation so that you can carry out the online ophthalmological consultation with all the guarantees.

Please, remember that:

  • Minors under 18 must be accompanied during the teleconsultation by their parents or legal guardian.
  • If you have urgent symptoms, come directly to IMO and we will attend you without any previous appointment in our 24h emergency service.

What will I receive at the end of an online ophthalmological consultation?

Once the video consultation is over, we will send you the following documentation:

  • Medical report of the visit.
  • Electronic prescription, in case the specialist has prescribed any treatment.
  • Invoice, after the payment has been conducted.
  • Satisfaction survey, so you can value our service and help us to improve.

Personal Data
ID / Passport photograph
Attach photo of your ID document
Patient data
ID/Passport photograph
Please attach a copy of the patient's identity card. In case the patient is a minor, you must also attach the document that certifies you as the legal guardian.
Medical / Ophthalmological data
General medical history (non ophthalmological)
Please complete the following questionnaire with all information you know
Ophthalmologic history
Please complete the following questionnaire with the information you know
Invoicing details
You can send us old evidence as additional information, but we advise you to add evidence with a recent date (preferably not more than 30 days), since we cannot guarantee a reliable orientation based on older evidence.

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