Eyelid retraction surgery

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What is it?

Eyelid retraction surgery consists of placing the eyelid in the right position to protect the eyeball and achieve eyelid symmetry.

In which cases is it carried out?

  • Eyelid malposition
  • Tyroid orbitopathy

Exámenes previos

  • A full ophthalmological examination and eyelid and periocular examinatio
  • Photos are taken to assess the patient’s condition before and after treatment

During the surgical operation

  • This treatment is carried out in the operating theatre of the out-patient’s unit
  • This surgical procedure can be carried out by means of various techniques, depending on each patient’s case, his/her type of eyelid malposition, its degree and location. The most common are the following:
    • The canthoplasty
    • El mid-facelift (see the eyelid malposition leaflet: treatment)
    • Skin graft
    • Blepharotomy
    • Mullerectomy

After the surgical operation

  • The surgeon occludes the patient’s eye for 24 hours (however in some cases this occlusion may be extended to one week) and the patient must also take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Ice must be applied to the treated area during the first few weeks
  • It is also important to have enough rest for the first few days and avoid picking up heavy objects and taking exercise

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