Emergency Room

Emergency Room
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24-hour emergency department 365 days a year

In IMO, emergency surgical procedures are performed each subspecialty doctors. You can go directly to IMO 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we will attend you without previous appointment.

24  hours emergency department

With what symptoms should I go to the eye emergency department?

You should go immediately to the eye emergency department if:

  • You experience sudden loss of vision
  • You suffer an eye injury
  • You feel eye pain
  • You have a red or swollen eye

With other symptoms, you should visit the ophthalmologist within one or two days. These symptoms include:

In some cases, you can wait up to three weeks to see the ophthalmologist:

Why go directly to the clinic without a prior appointment?

It is important to contact your ophthalmologist as quickly as possible to avoid complications. In some cases it can save the vision.

In a high percentage of cases, patients who go to the emergency department have their problem solved. In other more serious cases, future visual function depends greatly on this emergency treatment, in which a quick diagnosis can be made to determine whether surgery is required as a matter of urgency.


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