Eye health over the 40s

How does age affect eye health?

From the age of 40, the eye begins its process of degeneration. Presbyopia, also known as tired eyes, is a good example of how, around 40, our vision can begin to be determined by a process of premature ageing of some ocular structures, such as the crystalline lens, our natural lens, which begins to lose elasticity and the ability to accommodate.

In addition, at this stage, other serious eye disorders associated with age can begin to develop, such as glaucoma, the incidence of which increases with age.

Eye health over the 40s

From the age of 40, the eye begins its process of degeneration

How often should you visit the ophthalmologist?

After the age of 40, it is important to have a full eye check-up at least once a year, provided there are no added risk factors, to ensure good eye health and maximum visual performance.

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