Retina surgery at IMO: "As a father, I am very happy". Sulaiman Ahmad, from Kuwait.

As a father, I am very, very happySulaiman Ahmad

Elisabeth recupera visión perdida por diabetes. Dr. García-Arumí.

A patient recovers part of the vision in her left eye after a delicate vitrectomyElisabeth BarriosMalaga

La experiencia de nuestros pacientes del departamento de estética

We are our version 2.0 – still the same, but improved. Silvia, Beatriz, Juan and RosaBarcelona

IMO Foundation

The IMO Foundation was set up in 2010 by a team of IMO professionals and, since then, its projects have counted on the support and collaboration of social organisations, volunteers, suppliers, sponsors and private individuals.

Fundación IMO


A professional community promoted by IMO with the aim of fostering the interdisciplinary participation of health professionals to improve the comprehensive treatment of patients and becoming a forum for sharing knowledge.

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