What is IMO?

What is IMO

The Ocular Microsurgery Institute (IMO) is an international reference centre in ophthalmology, heading the Miranza Group, a network of clinics of excellence in eye health and well-being.

"Through a cohesive and innovative network, committed to clinical excellence, we seek to offer our patients top-quality care, as well as promoting research in ophthalmology."

Borja Corcóstegui, the IMO’s Medical Director and chairman of Miranza’s CLF (Clinical Leaders Forum)

The IMO – a shared vision

For over 25 years, we at the IMO have sought to find solutions to all ocular disorders through the expert application of the best treatments. We have a highly specialised and committed medical team, the most advanced technology and spacious, comfortable and modern facilities.

We are driven by medical excellence and human quality. These values, which are shared with the Miranza Group, a leading ophthalmology group established in 2019 and headed by the IMO,are embodied in a team who is devoted to patient care and have earned us the recognition of the medical community, as well as our patients’ trust.

Our medical protocol, whichis a benchmark for the group's high quality standards, is based on being able to devote all of the time and resources necessary to each clinical case to ensure high-quality customised care. Patients who require it, for example, can be attended to by different specialists on the same day, thus simplifying the management and avoiding the scheduling of additional consultations.

Moreover, the IMO’s Ophthalmic Emergency Department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.For any problem, the patient can attend the clinic without prior appointment so that our medical team can examine and determine the seriousness of the emergency and medically or surgically treat it in the most appropriate way. Emergency surgery is also performed by physicians of each subspeciality.

Commitment to ophthalmology

The experience and teamwork of our medical team makes the IMO a leading international centre for combined surgical procedures and highly complex surgeries.

As specialists in each eye part and pathology, they network and share knowledge with other renowned ophthalmologists at Miranza, hence being part of the group's medical management and jointly leading the way in ophthalmology.

“The IMO’s ophthalmologists are pioneers in the application of surgical instruments and techniques, which are always performed on an outpatient basis, are minimally invasive and designed to achieve the best immediate and long-term results.”

Francisca Rodríguez, IMO Executive Director

On-going training and research are other cornerstones of the IMO’s medical commitment, heading the Miranza Group. They enable us to discover new therapeutic opportunities and make advances in the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems in a pioneering and effective manner.

We actively participate in research and clinical trials through Miranza’s R&D&I area and are involved in training future generations of ophthalmologists through specialised master’s degrees, teaching at major medical schools and publishing scientific articles in international reference journals.

A consistent track record

The IMO’s prestige is largely due to its steadfast adherence to the values with which it initially committed itself to the world of private medicine in the mid-1980s.Since then, more and more people put their trust in our commitment, experience and leadership.

2009 represented a major qualitative step forward, when we moved to new premises boasting 70 consulting rooms, eight operating theatres and the capacity to carry out 65,000 consultations and perform 8,000 surgeries every year. Our team of 180 professionals enables us to undertake this work with a high quality of service and personalised treatment throughout the medical and surgical process.

In 2019, we joined the Miranza Group, present in about twenty cities in Spain and of great national and international standing, to expand our project of excellence in ophthalmology.

The IMO Foundation

In 2010, we created the IMO Foundation to improve people’s sight and, by extension, their lives. This aim moves us to foster continuous advances in diagnosing and treating any eye problem.

The Foundation has enabled us to channel over 20 years of high-quality research and training and implement a comprehensive prevention programme aimed at safeguarding the visual health of the main risk groups.

Furthermore, the recent launch of research projects into the genetic causes of eye diseases makes the IMO one of the few European centres that links basic and clinical research together, thanks to joint work between its ophthalmologists and geneticists.Moreover, joining the Miranza group opens us up new opportunities and expands our synergies to take on larger projects.

About Miranza

Miranza is the leading group of centres of excellence in ophthalmology in Spain. With a network of centres with high quality standards and homogeneous protocols that provide national coverage to national and foreign patients, the group features 11 clinics and 11 outpatient centres spread throughout much of Spain.

Miranza's team is made up of more than 500 professionals, including a hundred ophthalmologists. The experience of our medical staff allows us to offer the most comprehensive diagnosis and the best medical or surgical solution to deal with any eye disease, thus providing specialised care in nearly 300 consulting rooms and around thirty operating rooms, which are equipped with the latest technology.

The Clinical Leaders Forum (CLF), the national board of ophthalmology chaired by Dr Borja Corcóstegui, provides the group with clinical and professional leadership; innovation and research across the network, as well as advice, support and quality patient care.



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