Tumour resection

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resección tumoral

What is it?

A tumour resection is the removal of the tumour by means of small incisions. It is carried out by a vitrectomy.

In which cases is it carried out?

This technique is normally prescribed for tumours located near the optic nerve but it can also be used for other kinds of tumours.

Previous examinations

  • Systematic Metastasis detection screening
  • A full ophthalmological examination

During the resection

This procedure is usually carried out by surgery at the out-patient’s unit (except for children, who normally need a general anaesthetic). It consists of removing the tumour. In addition local radiotherapy is always administered to ensure there are no remaining tumour cells in the area. Moreover, silicone oil is applied to the retina to avoid its detachment.

After the operation

  • Due to silicone oil being applied, the patient must keep his/her head lowered for several days
  • The patient must have a monthly check-up to assess his/her ophthalmologic condition
  • After two months he/she is given another appointment to remove the silicone oil

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