Ptosis surgery

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Ptosis surgery

What does it involve?

The correction of eyelid ptosis involves raising the upper eyelid to its normal position.

When is it carried out?

Ptosis correction is recommended in all cases, as this is not just an aesthetic problem. In children, if the eyelid covers the pupil, surgery should be performed as soon as possible to prevent visual development problems. Surgery can be postponed to just before the child starts school. In adults, since ptosis can affect the visual field and eventually cause neck problems, it should be corrected as soon as the condition is detected.

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Prior examination

A comprehensive eye and eyelid examination.


The ptosis surgery is performed under general anaesthesia for children, as they are usually uncooperative, and local anaesthesia for adults.

Before the surgery

Patients should not take anticoagulants or aspirin before surgery.


Surgery always seeks to achieve symmetry between both eyes, and this often requires more than one intervention. There is a risk of hyper or hypocorrection, which can be corrected later.

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