Corneal topography

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Corneal topography is an ophthalmological test to determine the shape and curvature of the cornea.

A 3D map of the cornea is provided at the end of the test, showing its relief.

How is it performed?

The patient must be sitting with their chin resting on the equipment (corneal topogram), which projects rings of light that, in turn, are reflected on the cornea. There is also a camera connected to a computer.

The way in which these rings are reflected on the cornea allows for a 3D corneal map to be created, identifying the different areas, dimensions and any alterations in various colours.

5 keys to the topography

  1. It is a painless test, there is no direct contact with the eye
  2. Pupil dilation is not necessary
  3. Contact lenses must not be worn for the 7-15 days beforehand (depending on whether they are rigid or soft)
  4. No special prior patient preparation is required (NBM, etc.)
  5. Test duration 5 minutes per eye

What diseases can be diagnosed?

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