Outstanding involvement of IMO doctors at the prestigious Saudi International Ophthalmology Conference 2013

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The ophthalmologists Carlos Mateo, a retina specialist, and José Luis Güell, a cornea and refractive surgery specialist, delivered their presentations to a thousand-strong audience at the event

Dr. Güell at the congress


The Saudi International Ophthalmology Conference 2013, a combined event between the 30th Annual Symposium of King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital and the 25th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Saudi Ophthalmological Society, which took place from 3 to 6 March, involved the participation of some of the most prestigious ophthalmologists in the world and brought together a thousand attendees at the King Fahd Cultural Centre in Riyadh. The speakers included IMO doctors Carlos Mateo and José Luis Güell, who presented the latest developments in the fields of retina and cornea and refractive surgery respectively. Dr Mateo focused his lectures on some of the major advances in vitreoretinal surgery and the treatment of disorders such as AMD (age-related macular degeneration), retinal detachment and diabetic retinopathy. Dr Güell spoke about the new intraocular lenses and “phaco rolling”, a cutting-edge technique for cataract surgery, and updated knowledge on keratoplasty and corneal transplants. The presence of our specialists at this renowned international conference is further evidence of the leading role played by IMO beyond Spain’s borders, which has resulted in a growing influx of foreign patients, especially from Arab countries. This desire to expand overseas has resulted in IMO creating its International Department, aimed at increasing the number of patients coming from other countries and offering them an eye care service of excellence. IMO has also had its website available in Arabic for a year now, and this has been a key tool for promoting communication and creating new associations. It has recently established itself as a benchmark for ophthalmological publication in this language with a dramatic increase in users and enquiries about eye health or requests for second opinions.

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