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The optometry team’s specialist staff work side-by-side with our ophthalmologists to ensure thorough eye examination and early and reliable detection of disorders through comprehensive care.

El equipo de enfermería en consulta, es esencial para garantizar el buen proceder en las  65.000 visitas médicas que atiende anualmente.

The Surgical Area nursing team, which specialises in surgical procedures and techniques, is responsible for sterilisation and asepsis systems and patient care throughout the surgical process.

Its role is essential to ensuring the smooth running of the almost 8,000 surgical procedures performed in the clinic’s eight operating theatres every year.

Through the Photography and Optometry areas, we offer more than thirty tests to ensure the most complete and reliable diagnosis for each patient. Specialist staff and state-of-the-art machinery allow us to offer the most advanced screening and diagnosis, whether by ultrasound, fundus photography or contrast techniques, etc.

Specialised care for patients with low levels of vision:

  • Evaluation of residual vision
  • Prescription of optical and non-optical visual aids
  • Advice and visual training for carrying out daily activities

The dry eye area consists of a team of specialist ophthalmologists, who enable us to offer a personalised approach to the disorder with the aim of achieving the best results for each patient. They have the support of the following departments:

As well as the IMO’s Optometry and Refraction area.

  • Dr Miriam Barbany
  • Dr Mercè Morral
  • Dr Luz María Vásquez

The vision therapy area offers individualised optometric treatment to correct functional or perception difficulties relating to the visual system through the exercising and enhancing of certain skills.

The service is aimed at adults and children, a large percentage of whom experience learning difficulties.

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