Ocular hypotensive drugs

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The drugs act on
levels, reducing production and facilitating the exit of aqueous humour
Prescribed in
cases: ocular hypertension and glaucoma
Hipotensores oculares

What does it involve?

Ocular hypotensive drugs are used to reduce intraocular pressure.

When is it carried out?

They are prescribed for certain cases of ocular hypertension and for the treatment of glaucoma.

Prior examination

Comprehensive eye examination.

Before the surgery

There are no significant precautions or risks to take into account.


These drugs, administered in the form of eye drops, reduce intraocular pressure in different ways. Some decrease the production of aqueous humour, others increase the outflow of the fluid through the conventional means (via the trabecular meshwork) and another group of drugs increases aqueous humour outflow via the uvea/scleral route.


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