Non-penetrating deep sclerectomy

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The procedure takes approximately
technique used at the IMO for open-angle glaucoma
Non-penetrating deep sclerectomy

What does it involve?

Non-penetrating deep sclerectomy is a form of drainage surgery to reduce intraocular pressure.

When is it carried out?

It can only be performed when the chamber angle is open (it cannot be performed in eyes where the angle is healed).

Prior examination

Comprehensive eye examination.

Before the surgery

It is a safe surgical procedure with respect to possible postoperative complications. It can be performed as a single procedure or combined with cataract surgery.


This surgery is performed to facilitate the outflow of aqueous humour from the anterior chamber to the subconjunctival space through a natural membrane (trabeculo-Descemet’s window). This enables a more physiological reduction of intraocular pressure to be achieved.


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