COVID-19 Notice

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These are the health and safety measures we take to protect the people who visit us.

Ensuring the safety of our patients is one of the commitments of IMO Grupo Miranza. For this reason, we have taken extreme preventive measures in the current context of the pandemic (COVID-19).
These are the protocols that we apply in our center to guarantee compliance with safety and hygiene measures:

  1. Virus Icon We perform antibody detection tests on all our staff.
  2. hand washing iconWe wash our hands with disinfecting solution before and after each visit.
  3. Protective structure We use protective devices to avoid any direct contact during eye exams.
  4. mask iconWe use gloves and a mask to perform eye exams.
  5. disinfectant iconWe disinfect all surfaces and instruments in the consulting room between each patient and in the operating room between each surgery.
  6. icon
  7. cleaning iconWe take extreme measures to clean and disinfect common areas.
  8. icon of peopleWe limit the number of people in waiting rooms to keep a safe distance.

Measures for our patients

In addition to taking stringent safety measures at our centre and by our team, we ask for our patients’ collaboration in order to maintain the best safety and hygiene conditions throughout the visit to the centre. To this end, and hoping to meet again soon, we give you 5 guidelines, which are endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the Spanish and European ophthalmological societies.
Thank you in advance for sharing our commitment!

  1. Safety distance iconKeep the safety distance of 1.5 m between people.
  2. Spray IconUse the hydroalcoholic solution that you will find in all areas of the centre to ensure good hand disinfection.
  3. Mask IconWear a surgical mask at all times during your stay at the clinic.
  4. Icon of person sneezing / coughing If you have symptoms or have been in recent contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, do not attend the visit. IMO has a video consultation service, so that you can contact your ophthalmologist without having to travel. See all the details here.
  5. Single person iconGo without an accompanying person. If you need it, you can come accompanied by 1 person who, possibly, will not access the consultation area with you (except in special cases: children, disabled or elderly people, who require assistance).

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