New techniques in vitreoretinal and macular surgery on your mobile

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Dr Borja Corcóstegui shows on a new app how to use the latest techniques and avoid the most common mistakes

The app, developed for iPhone, iPad and Android, contains a collection of videos of surgical procedures recently performed by Dr Corcóstegui for different cases of vitreoretinal disorders. The videos include cases of diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, macular surgery and some vitreoretinal procedures combined with anterior segment surgery. In each of the videos, the surgery can be followed from beginning to end with special focus on the most important steps. A wide variety of surgical instrumentation is used to suit the disorders concerned, and each of the procedures is described, showing manoeuvres that can help the surgeon to avoid the most common errors and difficulties arising during surgery. As Dr Corcóstegui explains in his presentation of the app, the aim is to help ophthalmic surgeons to improve their surgical practices. The app can be downloaded from the following links: iPad / iPhone Version. Requires iOS 5.0 o later. Android Version. Requires Android 2.1. o later.

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