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effects: eliminates sagging and restores volume
Treatment is
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What is it?

Lipofilling is a technique consisting of extracting fat from the patient to then inject it in the area to be treated.

In which cases is it carried out?

  • Loss of facial volume
  • Correction of rings and bags under the eyes
  • Correction of sunken cheeks
  • Decrease of facial contours and structure

Previous examinations:

  • A full ophthalmological examination and eyelid and periocular examination
  • It also requires a study of body fat to evaluate the donor area
  • hotos are taken to assess the patient’s condition before and after treatment

During the surgical operation:

  • This treatment is carried out in the operating theatre of the out-patient’s unit
  • The surgeon usually extracts the fat from the periumbilical area by means of aspiration. Once it has been extracted, it is injected using a cannula in the area to be treated

After treatment:

  • The patient must apply ice to the area for 48 hours. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are also prescribed
  • When the extraction in the donor area is very extensive, a post-surgery girdle is required, in small extractions this girdle is not indispensable
  • It is also important to have enough rest for the first few days and avoid picking up heavy objects and taking exercise
  • The periocular and upper area of the face will be swollen for about 10 days and the final results can be seen about one month after the procedure

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