The IMO organises a course aimed at healthcare staff

The course, which consists of theory and practice components, will address the areas of optometry and the technical, photographic, surgical and healthcare aspects of nursing in ophthalmology.

The IMO is currently preparing its first New Technology in Ophthalmology course, which will take place at its headquarters on 27 and 28 May. The course aims to provide ophthalmology healthcare staff with all available resources to enable them to carry out their work effectively and to share knowledge with them based on the experiences of staff at IMO. According to Alfons Margalef from the Photography Department of IMO and the course coordinator, "we hope that this course will be very useful to non-medical staff and enable them to offer patients better specialised care." The course, which consists of theory and practice components, will be addressing the areas of optometry, essential for effective diagnosis; the technical and photographic aspects of nursing in ophthalmology, an area that uses modern digital imaging systems for the detection of diseases affecting the anterior and posterior segments of the eye; and theatre nursing as well as specialised healthcare in ophthalmology, including the preparation of surgical techniques, instruments and the machines used in the treatment of eye diseases.

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