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Since opening its new premises in 2009 in a prime location of Barcelona, the IMO has made its spaces available to agencies, companies and medical societies to hold corporate events, as well as professional meetings, courses and conferences.

IMO CONVENTION CENTRE, consisting of 1,400 m² of floor space, boasts an auditorium, an adjoining lecture room with fixed seating, a multipurpose open-plan function room, a foyer for hosting exhibitions and other activities, and a spacious outdoor garden area.

This new concept of professional event venue also offers additional optional services, such as catering managed by an outside company and two car park levels, to provide top-quality comprehensive amenities to attendees at any professional or corporate gathering held on the premises.

And all of the above in an innovative and iconic building designed by the architect Josep Llinás (FAD Award 2006) and situated in a prime location surrounded by nature within Barcelona itself, over which it offers panoramic views.

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IMO CONVENTION CENTRE auditorium is equipped with a full-HD projection system (capable of projecting in 3D) and sound. Its facilities also include an audiovisual control booth and two simultaneous interpreter booths.

Each of the seats has its own power socket, laptop table and individual microphones to enable attendees and speakers or moderators to interact.

The layout of the stage and the acoustics of the auditorium also make it ideal for staging plays, performances and concerts.

Capacity: 300 people (theatre layout)

The technical facilities of the auditorium make it possible to watch live broadcasts of surgical procedures being performed in the IMO’s operating theatres during scientific courses, conferences and events

Audiovisual equipment

  • Panasonic PT-RZ12K 12,000-lumen projector (compatible with active 3D projection)
  • 6 x 4 m projection screen
  • Laptop tables on all seats, equipped with a BOSCH DCN individual microphone system and sockets.
  • Lectern with monitor and integrated microphones
  • Chairperson’s table with TFT screens to monitor projections
  • Wireless microphone systems: hand-held and head-worn
  • Live-broadcast connection between the auditorium’s audiovisual control and operating theatres for attendees to watch live surgical procedures
  • Control room equipped as an audiovisual production centre
  • Two booths adjacent to the control room and connected to it by video, audio and network lines, both available for simultaneous interpretation and the reception of presentations or any other kind of auxiliary audiovisual facility required (plug & play)
  • Dedicated WI-FI (upon request)

Sala polivalente

This room, located a few metres from the auditorium, measures 55 m² and is ideal for lectures or other small corporate events.

It is equipped with a projector that has the option of playing audiovisual content in 3D, a lectern and sound and presentation equipment.

It also features an area with seats, each of which is equipped with a power socket and laptop table.

Capacity: 40 people (theatre)

Audiovisual equipment:

  • XGA 4,000-lumen projector,
  • 1,024 x 768 px
  • 2.50 x 1.90 m projection screen
  • Dedicated WI-FI (upon request)
  • 3D glasses (upon request)

Along with the auditorium and seminar room 1, the ground floor also has a multipurpose open-plan room measuring 66 m² that is an ideal location for holding additional events associated with courses, conferences, workshops and lectures. It can also be used for complementary services such as a back office for catering or a cloakroom. Seminar room 2 also features two sliding doors that can be left open to extend the adjoining foyer exhibition area.

Capacity: 7 people (theatre layout)

Audiovisual equipment: (upon request)*

* It has power and network sockets for the installation of audiovisual or exhibition equipment.

Vestíbulo Espacio IMO

IMO CONVENTION CENTRE has an indoor exhibition area measuring 175 m² which connects the three conference rooms and provides direct access to the garden. This multipurpose foyer can accommodate more than a dozen stands and approximately 120 people for cocktail receptions or coffee breaks.

Capacity: 120 people (cocktail reception layout)

Audiovisual equipment: (upon request)*

* It has power and network sockets for the installation of audiovisual or exhibition equipment.

On the 2nd floor, the IMO offers the possibility of holding meetings in its conference room, which has a 20-person capacity and is fully equipped for screening presentations. Its exceptional location and large windows provide the room with great luminosity and stunning views over the city of Barcelona to the sea. It also features opaque curtains that can be used as a projection screen and which block out any intrusive light.

On the 3rd floor, the IMO has a 210 m² library that offers great versatility for hosting small cocktail receptions with a capacity for 100 people. Its unique terrace, with views over the city, is an ideal complement for meetings in spring and summer and can accommodate about 75 people.

The IMO’s facilities, in addition to hosting meetings and corporate events, are also available to agencies and advertisers as a set for photo shoots and commercials, and as a location for film productions. The most sought-after spaces for these sessions are the garden, the library and the 3rd-floor terrace.

Audiovisual technicians

We have a team of highly specialised audiovisual technicians available to meet the needs of any kind of event, including video control, production, sound, and the recording and editing of audiovisual pieces.

Catering service and cafeteria

The IMO has its own cafeteria managed by a well-known catering company which offers an extensive range of culinary options for events, with no commitment to exclusivity.

Wide network of collaborators

The IMO can count on a number of outside suppliers (interpreters, audiovisual equipment/furniture hire companies, etc.) to meet the needs of any event, with no exclusivity agreements existing with them.

Car park

The IMO has a 200-space car park arranged on two levels managed by an outside company.

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Multipurpose function room
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Exhibition hall and multipurpose space

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