How can dark circles be prevented and treated?

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The only dark circles that can be prevented are the acquired type, using a good sun protection that prevents the skin from spotting. Apart from this, the solution for this type of dark circle are depigmentation procedures, such as peels or laser. This treatment is also recommended for racial dark circles.

 However, hereditary genetic dark circles are treated with injections of hyaluronic acid, which restore the volume and improve the incidence of the light, concealing the effect of the dark circle. Another option is carboxytherapy, which involves subcutaneous micro-injections of carbon dioxide (CO2) to improve oxygenation and circulation in the area and help the skin to regain a pink hue and a smoother texture. Both treatments (hyaluronic acid injections and carboxytherapy) may be combined.

It is therefore vital to treat dark circles depending on their cause and offer personalised advice to each patient.  

Although it does not prevent the appearance of bags and dark circles, good skin care –especially good sun protection, as the sun is one of the main factors of ageing– will help make these problems less noticeable. 

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