Fillers / Hyaluronate

Sustancias de relleno
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advantages: discreet and natural-looking
effects: restores volume and stimulates collagen production
immediate effect

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What does it involve?

Fillers are substances that are used to give volume to and reshape small areas of the face. They are temporary, i.e. after a certain time they are absorbed and, therefore, need to be reapplied. They last for between 6 and 12 months approximately.

When is it carried out?

Fillers are applied in cases of static wrinkles, i.e. wrinkles that are not secondary to facial expression muscle movement.

Autoimmune pathologies, infections, etc. must be ruled out as their appearance entails an absolute contraindication

Prior examination

A comprehensive eye and eyelid examination is required.

Before the surgery

Patients should not take anticoagulants or aspirin before surgery. After surgery, the eye must remain covered for approximately one week.


It is performed under local anaesthesia in the doctor’s surgery by means of injection through a fine needle to fill the wrinkles or add volume.


Paraesthesia (a feeling of tingling or numbness) can occur in the mid-face area, which is spontaneously resolved.

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