Essaid Ameskane

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Cataract surgery is not as simple as it sounds, and that’s why the Moroccan politician Essaid Ameskane decided to come to IMO and check from first hand the medical quality and the agile and personalized care that he had already heard about the center.

Essaid Ameskane testimony, diputate and ex-Minister of Transport in Morocco

Essaid Ameskane, a topographic engineering graduated, held the post of Tranport Minister in Morocco from 1995 till 1997. After five decades of political career, Mr. Ameskane is still active in the public sphere as a diputate in Rabat. Being 74, he is aware of all health problems associated to aging, but he does not allow them to become an obstacle in his activity, so he tries to solve them the best way possible, reason why he decided to undergo surgery in IMO when his vision decreased because of cataracts.

His trip from Morocco to Barcelona was motivated by a good friend of his who visited IMO due to a retinal pathology and was very satisfied with his experience. Mr. Ameskane followed his friend’s steps and he assures that he came to IMO already expecting the best care. Now he says he won’t hesitate to recommend the Institute to his friends and relatives.

According to him, since the first moment he felt welcomed and comfortable. He was received by personnel that attended him in his language and accompanied him through all the process, from the optometrist’s office to the doctor, doing the needed tests and knowing the details of the treatment in the surgical timing department. He highlights that everything was made easily; in fact, surgery of his left eye took place the day after his visit by Dr. José García-Arumí.

Three days after, he underwent surgery in his right eye. The procedure is fast and easy, but it has to be done by a professional team in order to minimise any risk. The high technical equipment of the operating theatre also plays s big role in IMO’s excellence.

Good impressions

The post-operative period of Mr. Ameskane progressed very well and thanks to the minimum incision technique practiced in the surgery, the visual recovery was very fast. In fact, in 24 hours he had already reached 70% of his vision without glasses and it kept on improving as we saw after the two months check up. The Moroccan politician affirms that he did not feel any pain and he felt improvement straight after surgery, which makes him proud if his election. “Eyes are very important, and that’s why I did not think twice on trusting the best surgeons”, he concluded.

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