Macular hole

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Pioneer in the introduction of closure surgery over
years ago
Surgery improves vision in
of patients in the first six months
At the IMO the risk of reopening is
as compared to an average risk of 15%
Macular hole

There is currently a very effective treatment for macular hole, with a closure rate of more than 90%. The team at IMO was a pioneer in Europe in practising macular hole surgery in the year 1992 and since then more than 1,500 patients have had operations at IMO. Dr. García-Arumí mentions the main symptoms of macular hole, what causes it and how to treat it.

“We have now performed more than one thousand five hundred macular hole surgical procedures at IMO in Barcelona with a 93% success rate”. Dr. García-Arumí – IMO Barcelona


Dr. Corcóstegui explains some final changes made to the surgical treatment of the macula.

“Macular diseases are the ones with the greatest surgical possibilities at present by means of retina and vitreous surgery”. – Dr. Corcóstegui – IMO Barcelona


Dr. Mateo explains the macular indentation technique with vitrectomy that, by reducing the size of the eyeball, also allows the macular hole to be closed.

“Macular indentation with vitrectomy, by reducing the size of the eyeball also, in addition to closure, allows more suitable reapplication of the retina”. Dr. Mateo – IMO Barcelona


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