Elvira Escribano

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A sudden increase in intraocular pressure meant that Elvira had to have glaucoma surgery. The results after surgery were excellent, which gave her confidence and are still present to this day.
Elvira Escribano

Glaucoma is a disease with many different causes. In the case of Elvira Escribano, a doctor by profession, it was due to the prolonged used of corticosteroids that she had to take for the treatment of cornea problems following cicatricial pemphigoid (a chronic autoimmune disease that severely affects the surface of the eye and that can even cause blindness). As a result of this repeat medication, her intraocular pressure rose suddenly and the only option for keeping it under control was surgery.

As she explains, "barely one month after detecting my glaucoma, Dr Elena Arrondo performed non-penetrating deep sclerectomy and, although I admit I was quiet wary about surgery, I felt very much at ease and confident. The operation was a success and I didn't hesitate for one second when it was time to operate on the other eye. For me, it was almost like going to the hairdresser". It has been four years since the first surgery and three since the second, and Elvira's intraocular pressure remains perfectly under control. "The good results and the assurance and credibility that the IMO ophthalmologists gave me in their diagnoses and therapeutic decisions are the reasons why I go to this centre where they treat my vision as a whole" concludes Elvira, who continues to see the specialists from the cornea and glaucoma departments.  

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