Early diagnosis can prevent significant loss of vision

The IMO, a leading international ophthalmology centre, alerts us of the importance of preventive eye care to prevent loss of vision
The Instituto de Microcirugía Ocular in Barcelona (IMO) has recently launched a national information campaign with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of prevention in eye health. In many cases, early diagnosis is the only way to prevent or stop significant loss of vision in disorders that sometimes do not have symptoms or are noticed too late by the patient (glaucoma, macular disorders and paediatric conditions). The first step in detecting an ocular problem or dysfunction is when the patient visits the ophthalmologist, either for a routine eye examination or because of certain discomfort, which could be a symptom of a disorder. Regular eye examinations are, therefore, very important. During the campaign, which will continue over the coming months, IMO will be providing information on the most appropriate preventive measures for different threats to vision. The campaign will also include activities aimed at facilitating cooperation between ophthalmologists and internists, endocrinologists, paediatricians, neurologists and other medical specialists, who, due to the nature of the diseases they treat, are in a position to contribute additional information for the early detection of diseases. The aim of the campaign is to promote a culture of prevention, which is essential to enable medical diagnosis and more timely treatment, either by means of drugs or surgical procedures. Although most eye disorders can be treated in the operating theatre – with procedures always performed on an outpatient basis – an increasing number of cases can now be treated with drugs, and, in the coming years, this percentage is set to rise dramatically thanks to the latest advances. Downloag ABC article as PDF.

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