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The three pillars of dry eye management at the IMO are expert examination, personalisation of diagnosis and tailor-made treatment, all with the support of the latest technology and from a multidisciplinary approach.

The IMO has an area specifically dedicated to dry eye to ensure the best diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of this common and complex disorder, in which multiple factors come into play. The aim is to support patients so that they can better understand the process and carry out good therapeutic care to enable them to reduce the impact of the syndrome on their day-to-day lives.

To achieve this, the IMO offers the following:

• A team (new) of ophthalmologists and optometrists, who specialise in dry eye
• Extensive experience in the diagnostic orientation and treatment of the syndrome
• The latest technology applied to diagnostic and treatment techniques in the consulting room

We also offer patient support, in addition to appointments, through:

Information on causes, evolution and therapeutic guidelines
• Guidance through personal interviews, with tips (new) on habits and hygiene for the eyelid area and ocular surface
Telephone monitoring

optometristas Área Ojo Seco IMO

The IMO’s 6-step process

When patients come for the first time to the IMO’s Dry Eye Area complaining of ocular dryness, they receive the following attention:

  1. Preliminary diagnostic tests: osmolarity (tear composition) and Schirmer’s test (tear quantity)
  2. An optometry appointment: visual acuity and refraction tests
  3. An appointment with an ophthalmologist specialising in ocular dryness
  4. Additional tests that the specialist may require: HD Analyzer (tear quality) and meibography (state of the Meibomian glands)
  5. An appointment with the specialist to discuss test results
  6. Telephone monitoring of treatment by an optometrist specialising in dry eye to find out about evolution, comment on care guidelines at home and offer tips on eyelid hygiene or the use of contact lenses, etc.

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