Drainage devices or valves

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types of devices: valved and non-valved
outpatient surgery
Drainage devices or valves

What does it involve?

The use in glaucoma surgery of a device or valve that is inserted to connect the intraocular space, by means of a tube, to the subconjunctival space with a reservoir or plate.

When is it carried out?

This surgery is indicated for eyes on which routine drainage surgery, either trabeculectomy or non-penetrating sclerectomy, cannot be performed, due to the condition of the conjunctiva or the fact that the angle makes it impossible.

Prior examination

Comprehensive eye examination.


The drainage device tube can be inserted into the anterior chamber, posterior chamber (if the patient has had cataract surgery) or vitreous chamber (if a vitrectomy has been performed).

Before the surgery

This surgery can be performed in isolation or in conjunction with cataract surgery.

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