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problems: tearing and eye infections

What does it involve?

It is a surgical procedure recommended for patients with tear duct obstruction and consists of forming a new lacrimal duct using the patient's own tissue.

When is it carried out?

  • When the tear duct is obstructed below the lacrimal sac.

Prior examinations

  • A full ophthalmological examination and eyelid and periocular examination.
  • Irrigation of the tear duct in the doctor's surgery. This consists of syringing a saline solution at high pressure through the tear ducts to locate the blockage.
  • Sometimes a dacryocystogram is necessary, i.e. a tear duct function test.

During the operation

  • The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and sedation on an outpatient basis.
  • During surgery, silicone tubes are temporarily inserted into the tear duct. These act as a mould for the new tear duct so that the tears drain properly after the post-operative period.

After the operation

  • The affected eye is occluded for 24 hours, after which the surgeon examines the patient.
  • The patient must take antibiotics and oral and topical anti-inflammatory drugs.
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