Conjunctival tumour surgery

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Conjunctival tumour

What does it involve?

It is the surgical removal of conjunctival tumours, while generating the smallest possible scar and seeking the complete removal of the lesion. In the event of a malignant tumour, this must be sent for anatomopathological examination (biopsy).

When is it carried out?

Surgery is indicated in all cases of a malignant tumour. If the tumour cannot be completely removed and the biopsy confirms the diagnosis, adjuvant therapy (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) must be determined.

If the tumour is benign, surgery is indicated in cases involving a risk for vision. In other cases, it can be observed and monitored clinically.

Prior examination

A comprehensive eye examination must be carried out. CAT and/or MRI scans of the orbits are essential. In some cases, depending on the type of suspected tumour, supporting diagnostic tests and systemic oncological assessments are required.

The surgery

Patients should not take anticoagulants or aspirin before surgery. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and sedation.


In some cases, the complete removal of the malignant tumour is not possible and adjuvant therapies must be used. Regular long-term monitoring is necessary to detect recurrences and metastasis.

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