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injection in each eye circle
effects: the face looks healthier and more rested
Requires just
sessions (one per week)
Carboxiterapia ojeras

What does it involve?

Subcutaneous injections of carbon dioxide (CO2) to improve oxygenation and circulation in the lower eyelid area to help restore the skin's pink hue and give it a smoother texture. It makes the face look healthier and more rested.

When is it carried out?

It is recommended for people with hereditary eye circles, whose characteristic dark purple colour is sometimes associated with a loss in volume in the lower eyelid area and becomes more visible with age.

Prior examinations

  • A personalised examination and assessment of the patient.
  • Photographs to assess the patient's condition before and after the treatment.

During the treatment

  • This treatment is performed in the doctor’s surgery. It is painless and minimally invasive for the patient.
  • The oculofacial plastic surgery specialist applies an anaesthetic ointment before the treatment to minimise discomfort.
  • High-precision equipment is used to make micropunctures through which small doses of CO2 are injected to oxygenate the area and improve circulation.
  • Three initial sessions, each lasting 5-10 minutes, are recommended over a two-week period. After that, the treatment may be repeated regularly, according to patient requirements.

After the treatment

  • Slight irritation or oedema may appear afterwards, but this disappears on the same day.
  • The patient can resume his or her normal routine immediately. No sick leave or special precautions are needed, although it is especially important to protect the skin from the sun and keep it properly hydrated.
  • The results are visible within one week of treatment. The effect will gradually disappear due to the body's natural tendency to produce dark circles, although its duration will depend on each patient's genetics and skincare routine.

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