Amèlia Petit

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Amèlia, who lived with myopia for many years, longed to get rid of her glasses and reduce her dependency on corrective lenses. She couldn't be happier with the change she experienced after her intraocular lens implantation.
Amèlia Petit

Amèlia Petit couldn't wait to get rid of her glasses, as she says, "I was fed up with having to wear them all the time because of my myopia". Finally, encouraged by her daughters, she decided to have the operation when she was 68 and chose the team headed by Dr Daniel Elies, who implanted an intraocular lens. She remembers how "I could see properly that same afternoon following surgery and I still don't wear corrective lenses or anything to read at the age of 85".

This change gave her back her "happiness" and, since then, she has a new-found feeling of freedom that she notices in small day-to-day things such as waking up and being able to see clearly as soon as she opens her eyes. She says that she will be "eternally grateful" to her ophthalmologist and remains entirely in his hands for her eye care. "All he has to do is look at me and he knows what he has to do and this gives me confidence, knowing that he and IMO will offer me the best solution possible in the event of any eyesight problems I might have".

For Amèlia, the Institute is "a top class centre that doesn't even compare with any other", in which she values its "privileged" professional and humane treatment. As she sits in the waiting room before her annual check-up, she says that she is "proud to be here", it being 17 years since the surgery performed by Dr Elies, which was a turning point in her everyday life and the quality of her life.

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