Silvia, Beatriz, Juan and Rosa

The IMO’s patients say that they feel “the same, but improved” after undergoing aesthetic treatments with botulinum toxin and fillers.
La experiencia de nuestros pacientes del departamento de estética

There are numerous reasons why many of us consider having cosmetic treatment Silvia, the mother of a new-born baby girl, noticed that the dark circles around her eyes were getting bigger due to lack of sleep; Beatriz had been thinking about making her lips fuller for a while; Juan wanted to soften his facial expression by concealing some very noticeable wrinkles and Rosa was looking to eliminate her frown lines and the “crow’s feet” that appeared when she smiled. These are small details that we notice when we look in the mirror and would like to correct so that we can feel better about ourselves and our appearance.

The desire to look better

This desire to look better also brings with it certain doubts and fears when visiting the cosmetic clinic. As Beatriz explains, “the main fear is not knowing what you’ll look like afterwards” – a fear also shared by Silvia: “I was worried about not being myself anymore, not recognising myself”. Both were concerned about the negative image that aesthetic treatments sometimes have when they cause sudden and dramatic changes to, for example, celebrities and TV stars.

They both agree however that their experience at IMO has served to lay to rest that myth. “It is a common misconception that the results will produce a dramatic change. On the contrary, the secret is to have small retouches, always as natural as possible,” says Beatriz. Hence the importance of putting yourself in the hands of experts who know how to fulfil your expectations. Juan knew what he wanted: “I wanted something quite subtle, very discreet, so I turned to a team in which I had full confidence”. This is a key consideration for our patients and translates, not only as the safe application of treatments, but also good advice.

Personalised advice

For Rosa, “the main added value offered by IMO’s specialists is their knowledge and experience, allowing them to know exactly what you need and provide the best advice. In my case, as well as removing my expression lines with botulinum toxin, they recommended applying fillers to my cheeks and lips and non-surgical rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid. The latter especially surprised me because I had never imagined that it was possible to improve the bridge of your nose without surgery”.

“I feel rejuvenated and my face looks fresher and rested,” says Silvia. Rosa was even asked if she had been on holiday from work because, as she says, “they didn’t know what I’d done, I looked better but not different”. For Beatriz, the most important thing is that “you yourself are the first one to notice it,” so, as Juan says, “it is best to just forget your concerns and take the plunge; but obviously always with professionals who offer all guarantees”.

An experience to be repeated

As the experience of the patients of IMO’s Aesthetics and Oculofacial Rejuvenation Department is so positive and given that the effects of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid are not permanent, many return for top-up treatment when the effects start to wear off. “We are our version 2.0 – still the same, but improved,” concludes Rosa.