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24,000 square meters dedicated to comprehensive eye health care

IMO has an area of 24,000 square meters dedicated to comprehensive eye health care with the most advanced technology and spacious, comfortable and modern facilities. We take medical and surgical care into account, but we also want to make the stay of our patients and their friends and family as pleasant as possible.

That is why we offer spacious and comfortable spaces and a wide range of complementary services that help make your stay in the clinic easier and more enjoyable, such as parking and the MIMO cafe restaurant, which offers weekday breakfast and lunch with a view and which is also open to the general public.

In addition, our zeal for teaching leads us to organise national and international ophthalmology conferences and meetings in our convention area, fully equipped with a modern auditorium that can hold 250 people, as well as two workshops and a multi-purpose area.

This area is adjacent to our gardens that host snacks, lunch, dinner or cocktails in an exclusive setting. All this equipment is also available to external companies that can organise their own events at IMO.

The IMO is located near Junction 7 of Barcelona’s Ronda de Dalt ring road (mountain side) and can be accessed directly from Josep Maria Llado street num. 3: Where we are.


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